Our City, Our Future

Posted on: 18/03/2021 in: Local YPFs
Our City, Our Future is Young Westminster Foundation’s 2020/21 needs analysis, covering the issues and experiences of young people growing up in Westminster over the past year.

To produce this report, we worked with a trained group of 10 young people as peer researchers, in addition to hearing from youth workers and practitioners through a series of online focus groups, conducted in partnership with Rocket Science, Partnership for Young London and King’s College London’s MSC in Public Policy & Management Programme.

Following on from A City Within A City in 2017, we have been able to capture insights into the areas of life that matter most to young people today, with emerging focuses on employment, mental health & wellbeing, social action and access to information on local services. Importantly, it has also shown us that despite a challenging year, young people in Westminster are optimistic for their future.

This report serves as a tool for the wider Westminster community including YWF’s 100+ member organisations, business partners, Westminster City Council, Met Police and NHS to collaborate and to open a conversation about the needs of young people and act together.

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