How: How to become a YPF

Join the network as A YPF......

Option 1a and 1b: Are you wanting to start-up a YPF in your Locality / Local Authority Area and interested in the YPF model?

Option 2: Are you an established Local Youth Partnership and want to become part of a growing network of like-minded partnerships, by adopting the YPF model?

Then, a YPF Membership is for you! By taking up membership with the Young People’s Foundation Network (managed by YPF Trust) you will be supported every step of the way through your YPF journey.

    What do I need to have get started?

    To protect the integrity of the YPF model and to be recognised as an official ‘Young People’s Foundation’ (YPF), you will need:

    • To be a registered charity. For further information how to do this, please take a look at a YPF resource: Registering as a CIO Guide
    • To work towards having a diverse Trustee Board that is representative of the local area and includes members from public, private and voluntary sectors.

      If you are not yet at this stage, our friendly team can help you. Please contact: for further information.

      What do I need to agree with?

      • To provide an accessible membership for any group that works with Children & Young People in the relevant area, for free or nominal cost.
      • DO NOT directly deliver services for children or young people, except to support their meaningful engagement in co-designing services or strategic development.
      • Commit to undertake the relevant stage YPF Quality Mark (QM) to ensure you operate in a way that supports your stakeholders to play to their strengths and contribute to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our children and young people (New YPFs are expected to complete the Start-Up QM within their first year).
      • To display the YPF Statement (which includes link to YPF Trust Website) on your website.
      • To commit to attend the annual YPF conference, CEO and functional meetings.
      • To share good practise and contribute to the constant learning process of the YPF movement.
      • To commit to provide relevant information and data, to contribute towards a developing cross-YPF evaluation framework and performance metrics.
      • While it is expected that each YPF will develop to meet the needs of its own local area, you agree to uphold the cross YPF directives:
        INCLUSIVITY membership will be open to any group working with children and young people, with no limit on numbers. An equal voice will be given to all organisations, no matter their sizeDIVERSITY membership is reflective of the demographic and proactive in ensuring that there is support for marginalised groups (including race, LGBT, those with disabilities and gender)COLLABORATION collaboration will be fostered between members. The YPFs will work to fundraise, coordinate and network to benefit their whole membership. They will not compete against their members
        CROSS-SECTOR YPFs will bring the voluntary, public and private sectors together to address the needs of children and young peopleGRASSROOTS YPFs will work for, and with local organisations, recognising the value that small, locally focused organisations contribute to local solutionsLONG-TERM YPFs are designed to be sustainable and long term in nature; there for local children and young people

        Sign up for YPF Membership

        Depending on where you are at along your YPF journey, the completion of the membership registration process and will differ. Please complete this membership form, and a member of the team will be in touch with you.

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