The What: YPF Membership Benefits

Benefits of membership with YPF Trust

Membership with YPF Trust is open to existing Young People Foundations (YPFs) and new or evolving Local Youth Partnerships who are interested in adopting our model to become an official YPF.

As an official member of the YPF Network, you will benefit from and have access to a range of services, including (but not limited to):


Collaborative opportunities across the YPF network and facilitated shared working opportunities, including themed working groups and focused networks.

Opportunities to work with national and regional stakeholders to pilot new work to enhance the networks' memberships.

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      Access to connecting communication tools across the network

      Benefit from be part of the YPF storytelling journey, created to demonstrate YPF’s impact, unlocking new and innovative opportunities


      Cross YPF projects, products, tools and resources like:

      New: YPF in a Box (ready made box of tools to support YPFs in their development)

      Coming soon: Venue Bank (Interactive venue booking platform tool for venue seekers and providers)

      Coming soon: Charity Excellence Framework tool bespoke for YPF members

        YPF networks, training, learning and development offer for YPF teams, including support through the bi-monthly CEO Network

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        Introductions and access to working relationships with national trusts and foundations

        Access to cross YPF income generation opportunities

        Quality Assurance

        A bespoke YPF Quality Mark to benchmark practices, based on existing learning from the current network, securing a YPF accreditation badge.

        Support from the core team and a select group of consultants to ensure the set-up phases have the key values and operating principles of a YPF are embedded from the beginning

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