The Why: Why Become a YPF?

Why do we need YPF's?

The Young People’s Foundations (YPF) model is John Lyon's Charity's response to the current pressures on the Children and Young People (CYP) sector. The past 10 years have seen significant budget cuts at both a central and local level to youth service provision. The YPF model is here to ensure that there is a viable and vibrant Children and Youth sector that is sustainable in the future. The goal is to ensure that the organisations and groups that serve children and young people are strong, viable and
fit for purpose.

What makes YPF's different?

YPFs are, by nature, collaborative networks. They build links and trust between organisations of different sectors. YPFs have been established for the long term, they work with every organisation from the smallest grassroots group to the largest corporate body and they are focused entirely on their local area.

“They bring energy, and provide a development framework by building relationships with organisations that Councils often find hard to
coordinate. They provide a united sector and raise the standards and quality of provision.”
Jayne Vertkin, Head of Early Help, Family Services, City of Westminster

More about YPF's Impact of the YPF's

What is the YPF Model?

Following consultation with the CYP voluntary sector in the Charity’s Beneficial Area (including community groups, schools, local authorities, faith groups, Housing Associations, trusts & foundations and other funders) the model of the Young People’s Foundation has developed. The YPFs are registered charities that have a broad membership of all organisations that work with children and
young people locally, and includes the local authority, businesses, the voluntary sector and schools.

Why a YPF