External Link Policy

Linking from the Young Harrow Foundation website

We are a membership charity with a large number of members and associate members (organisations that support children, young people and their families) with a profile of their work on our website. We take care to review the information regularly and over the websites we link on our site but we are not responsible for the content of those external sites.

We display information, website and social media links of our members on our website but it should not be interpreted as an endorsement of those sites and external links.

Once a user has left the Young Harrow Foundation website, we are not responsible for the content on any external sites.

Read our “Content Publishing terms and conditions” (see below).

How do we publish links?

We only publish links from our network of partners, funders and members. To publish an external link an organisation needs to be connected with the Young Harrow Foundation and accept our terms and conditions.

When an organisation is connected with YHF we decide when, where and how we link from our website to their external website taking into consideration that the links will provide useful information for our users, based on what we know about their needs.

Our members can publish their information on our website. That content should align with our content publishing terms and conditions (see below).

Content on the Service

The content on the Service includes videos, photos, text (such as comments and documents), branding (including trade names, trademarks, service marks, or logos) and advertisement. Content is the responsibility of the person or organisation that uploads it on the system.

Permissions and Restrictions

You may access and use the system as made available to you, as long as you comply with this Agreement and the law.

The following restrictions apply to your use of the Service.

  • Upload only photos, videos and material that you created yourself and are a copyright holder.
  • In case of using materials that were obtained from someone else, you must have a written permission from the author to use this material on YPF network.
  • In case of using a third party to create the material for you, you must have an invoice for the service provided for you, or in case of pro-bono work written permission from the author to use this video on YPF network.
  • Any photo or video that you post, which contains people, must have their consent to be published on the YPF network.
  • If your project is not free, all photos and videos of people must have model release forms signed.
  • No rips of movies, music, television, written content or any other third party copyrighted material.
  • No sexually explicit material or pornography.
  • No content that are hateful, harass others, violate someone's privacy, or include defamatory or discriminatory speech.
  • No material or video’s that depict or promote violent activity, extreme or real-life violence, self-harm, or cruelty toward animals.
  • No videos that make false or misleading claims about vaccination safety or claim that mass tragedies are hoaxes.
  • You are liable for any fines or actions taken if you use a photo or video on the YPF network website, where you have not obtained permission, or copyrights to use the material.

Social media links

In addition to linking to specific websites, we may also link to content hosted on various social media platforms. we work with some of these organisations regularly but we do not review their website and social media channels and therefore we aren't sure we can help with the content published on these external platforms, it should not be interpreted as an endorsement of those sites and content.

Removal of links

Please note that unless you have a legal right to demand the removal of an external link published on the Young Harrow Foundation website, that decision to remove the link will be at our discretion. If you would like us to remove a link please contact us.